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We Manufacture and Sell Directly To You

World Class Standards

The products manufactured by Slatin MotoGear Wholesale Biker Jackets, Jeans, Gloves, & More are very high quality. They also sell at very low prices.


Our business model is to get more people to wear better quality gear; starting with lower prices.

We use materials that increase safety.  The SuperFabric idea came from NASA (the Space agency) which uses it to make the 'Space Suits'. Fifteen times more abrasion-resistant than Kevlar. Lightweight and comfortable, too.

Our products are top of the line.

Below are for colder weather. Click "Shop Our Products" on the Menu (top left) to see more.

#1 in Reviews
Slatin MotoGear
Wholesale Motorcycle Jackets, Jeans, and Gloves
 "We don't look like every other store, because we're not like any other store!"

Address:  5200 N. Mission Ln., Prescott Valley, AZ  86314   USA 

Telephone:  1+(928) 496-0545.


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