ONLY ONE LEFT! $329!  1-Piece/EZ-1 Powersuit
ONLY ONE LEFT! $329!  1-Piece/EZ-1 Powersuit

ONLY ONE LEFT! $329! 1-Piece/EZ-1 Powersuit

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Our Motorcycle Gear Started with our 1-piece Powersuit now only  $329!

EZ-1 Motorcycle Powersuit with LOTS of Features!

(Only -1- left in stock; HiViz Safety Green and Grey!)

For Touring, Racing, Commuting, & Adventure Riding!



Only -2- left!

EZ-1 Features include:

  1. 600 Denier Cordura outer shell construction;
  2. CE-Approved Articulated Armor;
  3. Superfabric covering on potentially high-impact areas;
  4. Water-proof inner membrane;
  5. Six zippered vents for maximum ventilation and air circulation within;
  6. Ankle-to-neck and crotch to ankle zippered closures;
  7. Use of reflective Scotchlite for increased potential of notice by other persons, in motor vehicles and by pedestrians.
  8. Interior mesh lining;
  9. Microsuede material lining at neck and wrist cuffs;
  10. Waterproof portal for facilitation of electrically-heater liner(s);
  11. Specific pocket placement, inside and outside; for frequently-needed access to items such as mobile phone, a map, wallet, and eyeglasses.

Exterior of the Suit. The 600 Denier shell material is a grade higher than most other suits, which use a shell material of 500 Denier.  The 600 Denier  textile sections of EZ-1 suit are sewn using a high-tensile strength and abrasive resistant thread, double stitched in areas of high-stress. Super Fabric is added on high-impact points of shoulders, knees, and elbows.

Interior of the Suit. The interior of the textile shell includes pockets that contain CE-approved armor at shoulders, elbows, and knees.The inner layer of the suit shell concludes a water-proof, breathable membrane.  The zippers are made by YKK of a waterproof design when closed.  At the left ankle begins a zippered entry which extends up the interior of the left leg, over the center of the waist and up the center of the chest to the right side of the neck.  At the crotch, and extending down the inner side of the right leg to the right ankle, is a zippered entry using a water-proof YKK zipper.  The majority of closed zipper areas are then covered with suit material, which is then fastened with Velcro strips. Reflective trim is placed on the exterior at knees, upper arms, and back

Lightweight.  This combination of the materials results in approximately 5 lbs. (2.5 kilograms) of weight, which is approximately 1/3 to 1/2 less than the weight of other suits in this field The low weight of the suit reduces rider fatigue . Within 5 minutes into the ride, the suit becomes “transparent;” in that the awareness of wearing the suit all but disappears.

Ventilation is designed for High Volume Airflow.  I live in Arizona, where it gets 'nasty-hot' so incorporated are six zippered air vents provide superior ventilation. There are four front intake vents with mesh underneath facilitate air entering into the suit and are located vertically on the right and left sides of the upper chest and horizontally, centered on the inside of each elbow joint on the arms.The chest and inner elbow intake vents are different lengths and let in more air than the rear exhaust vents can let air out at any given moment.  This 'imbalance' between intake and exhaust rates allow for the air to circulate a bit in the suit before being exhausted at the rear. Facilitating the exhaust of the air are two zippered vents, each vertically positioned and located between each left and right shoulder blade on the back.  Each zipper is of a specific length to facilitate air entering, then circulating around core areas of the body, then exiting the suit in a manner designed to maximize air circulation for better temperature control of the interior of the suit. 

Water-proof Power Cord Portal. Often, the first thing done to a suit is the removal of a poly-fill liner; which is then rarely used.  We saved weight, reduced fatigue, and improved wearer movement by eliminating a liner.  As many riders are or have turned to electrically-heated vests or jacket liners, either can be comfortably worn underneath the suit, with the electrical cord easily threaded through this portal and into the power port on the bike.  Also, this could be used to accommodate another charging cord for a personal 12v electrical device.

Return policy:  You can exchange your EZ-1 Powersuit for a different size (if we have it in stock) or return it for a warranty repair, but it cannot be returned for a refund.

American Standard Sizing:  if you wear an American Large shirt size, you likely will fit well into the EZ-1; Size Large.  Same with our other sizes.

The ONLY ONE LEFT! $329! 1-Piece/EZ-1 Powersuit is a sensational customer favorite, and we hope you like it just as much.

Inventory Last Updated: Dec 11, 2019