SHIPS FREE!   Mens Aramid "Bullet-Proof" Motorcycle Riding Jeans - Slatin MotoGear
SHIPS FREE!   Mens Aramid "Bullet-Proof" Motorcycle Riding Jeans - Slatin MotoGear
SHIPS FREE!   Mens Aramid "Bullet-Proof" Motorcycle Riding Jeans - Slatin MotoGear
SHIPS FREE!   Mens Aramid "Bullet-Proof" Motorcycle Riding Jeans - Slatin MotoGear
SHIPS FREE!   Mens Aramid "Bullet-Proof" Motorcycle Riding Jeans - Slatin MotoGear
SHIPS FREE!   Mens Aramid "Bullet-Proof" Motorcycle Riding Jeans - Slatin MotoGear
SHIPS FREE!   Mens Aramid "Bullet-Proof" Motorcycle Riding Jeans - Slatin MotoGear
SHIPS FREE!   Mens Aramid "Bullet-Proof" Motorcycle Riding Jeans - Slatin MotoGear

SHIPS FREE! Mens Aramid "Bullet-Proof" Motorcycle Riding Jeans

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Read the original Rider Magazine review (HERE)

Review from a customer, received 11/13/2019:

“Stan here; I had about five rides with your SMG “Bullet-Proof” Jeans and they are comfortable without being baggy, (I doubt I'll ever put the inserts in, they seem more for motocross/dirt bike people.) And you were right, I don't even notice the liner and have worn them out a few times.

Thanks for the fast service and personal outreach!

Stan (Aramid "Bullet-Proof" Motorcycle Jeans)

Comfort, Quality, and Priced Right!

Our Aramid Reinforced Motorcycle Jeans with CE Protectors at Hip & Knees. Traditional Dark Blue color. Now in TWO (2) Comfortable Styles:

  • With Gusset--Great for Large Customers who ride a wide saddle  OR

  • Straight-fit, no gusset, for those who like a regular jean fit

Regular price $109.99---Compared to $219.99!

  • Innovative motorcycle jeans designed to ensure these look like normal fashion jeans without any visible stitching lines.

  • Made of heavy duty denim with double stitched construction. Protective Aramid lining provides good abrasion protection at hip, knees and thigh areas.

  • Free knee and hip removable armours/protector. 

  • Large belt loops, large aperture pockets and heavy duty fly zip (original YKK).

  • No-gusset (straight fit) and *gusset options.

Note: These jeans are cut true to size. For example, 34Wx32L means 34 inch round waist and 32 inch inseam. We recommend measuring a pair of your own actual jeans to get the right fit. If not sure, buy one size up on waist.

"The price was too good to pass up.  The jeans are of great quality, comfortable, PLUS aramid-lining, CE protectors, and these look so good I wear these off-bike and these look just like regular jeans.  SO, here's my order for a second pair!  Many thanks, Slatin MotoGear."--Neal S.

Read the Great Review in the September, 2017 Issue of Rider Magazine

Pictured with our own, great-looking Danner Boots, these are for year-round wear.

Few motorcycle jeans have CE-Approved Armor.  Of those that do, it typically is only for the knees. But, since sliding often happens, Slatin MotoGear has Upgraded Hip & Knee Armor combined with a Aramid Lining for greater protection.  And ONLY Slatin MotoGear sells these feature-packed, great-looking jeans at the regular low price of $109.99!

What's a "gusset?"

We added a "gusset" option for more comfortable riding on wide seats/saddles.  A gusset is a diamond shaped piece of denim sewn into the crotch area of most of our All American brand of jeans. The gusset eliminates 4 seams coming together in one spot creating freedom of movement and a more comfortable wearing experience. A gusset also helps disperse stress around the crotch area making the jeans more durable and tasks like crouching easier. 

  • Eliminates the knot formed by 4 seams coming together
  • Provides max comfort and freedom of movement
  • More durable, longer lasting
  • Inconspicuous
  • Brass Rivets for a great look!

Get Aramid-Lined, and CE-Approved Armored Motorcycle Jeans at Factory-Direct Low, Low, Prices!

Read what our customers wrote:

10/21/2017 Customer Russ Dowling says about our jeans:  "I got my Jeans today and took them for a test ride.  2 words.  LOVE THEM.  Thanks!" 
Got my Aramid & Armor Riding Jeans... wore the jeans today. Worked great!  Thanks!  Richard Haas
Thanks Richard for the Jeans they definitely have a terrific design to them with the protection pads inside them again thank you I’m sure I will wear them on all the trips on my Harley.  Tom Reid
"The jeans fit great! Waist is a tad loose, but I'm glad. I'm sure it will shrink a tad after a wash. Thanks again for the exceptional customer service!"  
Steven Knox  02/15/2017
"Just wanted to let you know that I received your shipment and all is good. They fit great. Thanks for working with me. Now I just need some riding weather!"
Rich Pye  02/14/2017
"Short of actually crash-testing the pants, I can't attest to their effectiveness, 
but I can say that they are very comfortable in moderate (65 degree) temperatures
and I have no doubt that they provide more protection than cotton jeans and bare hands."
Bob Miller, Tucson, AZ 02/27/2017

Photos also tell the story of our jeans. When you see a piece of lining folded back and the underside is colored yellow; that means the whole part of that lining is KEVLAR. The Kevlar protects against "road rash" by covering hips and buttocks, with a strip on the sides, down to your knees.  We believe in keeping your skin on you than leaving it on the road.

See the photos of the knee & hip armor?  That is CE-Approved, and Articulated Armor. The larger section covers the kneecap and the longer, more narrow section extends down and covers the connecting section between the kneecap and lower leg. The hip armor cushions and protects your pelvis

Your knee armor is very secure because it is articulated, when you bend, the armor bends.  This way, the armor will provide protection regardless of your riding position!

Be Safe, Be Smart, Be Styling with

SMG Kevlar-Lined and Armored Jean Pants! 

(Click here for Woman's Kevlar-Lined and Armored Jeans) 

Just order and purchase here, through our Web Store.

Imagine if you could be satisfied and content with your purchase. That can very much be your reality with the SHIPS FREE! Mens Aramid "Bullet-Proof" Motorcycle Riding Jeans.

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