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Kevlar-Lined & Armored Jeans - Slatin MotoGear Motorcycle Gear - 1

Kevlar-Lined & Armored Jeans

$ 85.00 $ 129.00

With Kevlar-Lined Impact Areas and upgraded, CE-Approved Knee and Hip Armor, you live our credo; "Protection, Comfort, & Style."

Factory-Direct Low, Low, Prices!

Photos tell the story of our jeans. When you see a piece of lining folded back and the underside is colored yellow; that means the whole part of that lining is KEVLAR. The Kevlar protects against "road rash" by covering hips and buttocks, with a strip on the sides, down to your knees.  We believe in keeping your skin on you than leaving it on the road.

See the photos of the knee & hip armor?  That is CE-Approved, and Articulated Armor. The larger section covers the kneecap and the longer, more narrow section extends down and covers the connecting section between the kneecap and lower leg. The hip armor cushions and protects your pelvis

Your knee armor is very secure because it is articulated, when you bend, the armor bends.  This way, the armor will provide protection regardless of your riding position!

You can find this fine quality of jeans for $129 and $up $. Because we sell directly from the factory to you, you can buy these from us at the low price of $85!

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