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$ 45.99 

"These Anti-Vibration Gloves worked for me and can work for you.”  Richard Slatin, Slatin MotoGear  

Order yours today, and get your riding smile back!

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Padded with patented foam technology in the palm, fingers, thumb & thumb web area help prevent Hand-Arm Vibration syndrome (HAVS). Soft, pliable materials ensure tactile feedback for tool control and flexibility. Gusseted full fingers with reinforced tips. Non-slip textured palm, elasticized back. Neoprene cuff with adjustable hook /
loop closure. Mechanic’s style design offers excellent fit and comfort.    ONLY $35.99.

Order yours today, and get your riding smile back!

To determine size of gloves or gloves with wrist support, measure the hand circumference across the knuckles at the base of the fingers. When ordering it is best to order smaller than your normal size. Larger sizes are custom and are available as requested.

Glove Size Hand Size    Hand  Circumference
XS (XSmall)     6               6" - 7"       15 - 18 cm
S (Small)           7               7" - 8"      18 - 20 cm
M (Medium       8                8" - 9"     20 - 23 cm
L (Large)           9               9" - 10"    23 - 25 cm
XL (XLarge)     10            10" - 11"    25 - 28 cm
XXL (XXLarge) 11             11"+          28+ cm

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