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Blu Snap Helmet Air-Conditioner

Blu Snap Helmet Air-Conditioner

$ 99.00 $ 199.00

"I am so impressed with Blu Snap's cooling performance that I brought it into Slatin MotoGear."

 I personally tested this & it works great!  “I rode in the Arizona desert today at 107F degrees. Blu Snap did its job, with 12-15F degree cooler air pumped into my helmet!  Blu Snap worked great for me and it will do the same for you!”- If you don't get the same result, just return it for a full refund.----Richard Slatin, Slatin MotoGear. 

Beat the Heat with Blu Snap!

Arrive fresh

Say goodbye to tiredness and fatigue

Arrive at work fighting fresh!

Doesn't weight much or get in your field of vision!

It works with full-face, modular, & flip-front helmets, so you  can use your existing helmet

It charges via micro-usb, good for as much as 10 hours and the only other thing it needs is a couple ounces of plain water every few hours.

It filters out dust and with the push of one button, strong, cool air flows into your helmet.

  • 6 to 15 degrees lower than ambient depending on conditions

  • 10h of battery life on a full charge

  • 2h of cooling with a full water-reservoir

  • Integrates anti-bacterial cooler-filter that eliminates germs, virus and mould

  • 3 to 6 months of cooler-filter life-time

  • Easily replaceable cooler-filter cartridge

  • Straps with anti-slip safety


You can use it with more than one helmet, because it snaps on and snaps off quickly, which is why its called "Blue Snap." But I just call it The Cooler. 



You just need to pour plain water down into the left side of the unit and press the power button on top right. There's a small fan inside the unit that starts rotating when switched on. The cold air is then released from 2 nozzles which go inside the helmet. 

 The Winner of our "Win a Blu Snap" Contest is: John Anderson of Laredo, Texas

Congratulations, John!

See more Blu Snap videos by clicking <HERE>


1. Does it come off a higher speeds, like 70-80mph?

Answer: No. I’ve worn it while riding at those speeds and higher with windscreen down and it doesn’t

move.  The Blu Snap remains firmly in place, even when the helmet/head turns left or right.

2.  Is it just ‘a box with a fan’?

Answer: No. Blu Snap’s technology  incorporates air filtration and heat exchange. Dusty, hot air goes in 

and clean, cool air comes out and is blown into the helmet.

Only $118.99 With FREE SHIPPING to anywhere in the USA!

Beat the Heat with Blu Snap!

 We have a limited quantity, so order yours now!

You can choose your strap color option below, simply choose in the COLOR option.

To order extra filters, click <Extra filter order page>

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