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Trunk Bag for Instant Storage

"This is NOT an Apple Product. But I think that the sound, fit, battery time, and other qualities are as good or better, at HALF THE PRICE”--Richard Slatin, Owner, Slatin MotoGear.

                   Great Sound   Great Bass   Great Fit

                   INCREDIBLE LOW PRICE!




Want the look, feel, & sound of Apple’s AirPods Pro

but $249 is just too much to pay?


AirBuds Pro only $59.99 


Satisfaction Guaranteed or return & get your money back!*


Available in Matte Black.

Great call functions; answer/reject/hold/end calls and manage music with just a touch.


No-Risk purchase.  "Satisfaction Guaranteed or your money back”...that's how sure we are that you'll love it.


These have the size, the feel, the quality, this is the one you want; without breaking your budget.  The sound is so good, there are a pair in my own pocket.


Features. Great sound, touch controls, re-naming, auto-on/off, auto-pairing, wireless charging.


We think that prices like $249, $199, & even $99 are simply nuts. That buys a lot of gas and groceries. Other Brands want a lot of extra profit; we don’t.


Great Sound, Super Bass. The Air 'Buds is the latest and greatest of TWS (True Wireless Stereo) for phone calls, music control, & great sound, with super bass.


Quality Construction. The use of really good quality materials, such as the speaker elements, optical sensor, programming, even the computer microchip. Heck, you'll wear out before these will!


Locator functions.  Don't worry if you misplace these'; there are lots of FREE APPS you can use to locate where you left your Air 'Buds. Plus, those free apps can be used to locate all your Bluetooth devices.


$69.99 vs. $249. There’s really no math to struggle with; you can have the features, the looks, fut, quality, & even wireless charging for a fraction of  what Apple, Bose, & other Big Name Brands charge.  


Great Features . Pop-up connecting Smart Sensor Touch Control & more!  There’s *auto-on, a gps sensor, wireless charging, and again, great sound, with great bass. 


International shipping note: In checkout, select USPS (except for Mexico purchasers) and select First Class Mail  International for the lowest rate.  We use a 9"x6" padded envelop for shipping.



Brand Name:   SMG Gold Model name:  Air 'Buds

Model Number: SMG-ABP1


  • Charging time:  1-2 Hours (case charges wirelessly)

  • Playing time:  3-4 hours

    Pairing Mod: Pop-up display, then pairs automatically after first time.

  • Standby time:  240 Hours             Battery capacity: 400mAh

  • Bluetooth Version:  5.0+EDR         Talking time: 5 Hrs.

  • Colors:  MATTE BLACK

SMG's Air 'Buds High Quality*Low Price*Great Sound*Great Features!

$249.00 Regular Price
$69.99Sale Price
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