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SuperFabric for Motorcycle Gear; Video & More

SMG uses SuperFabric as added protection because heat and abrasion-resistant qualities.  Did you know?  SuperFabric is 15 Times More Abrasive-Resistant than Kevlar. It uses high-density Cordura infused with tiny polygons of ceramic.

Watch SuperFabric being tested for use in the planned Mars Missions. 

Why you want SuperFabric®

There are many aspects to consider when designing or even wearing motorcycle gear but the number one concern for so many is protection. At high speeds and nothing but some cloth between the drivers, solid pavement and the wind there is little room for error. Yet, mistakes happen and that is why motorcyclists and racers rely on protective apparel. That is also why some of the most prestigious motorcycle apparel companies depend and integrate SuperFabric® into their protective jackets, suits and riding apparel. They don’t just place this specialty fabric anywhere, they position it in the areas that need the most abrasion resistance, such as knees, outer arms, and elbows.

SuperFabric® Key Features

Unrivaled Performance. Unmatched Durability. Unlimited Possibilities.

The Perfect Fusion of Material Science and Style

SuperFabric® materials integrate commercially available materials with custom-proprietary armor technology to create Award-Winning, Extreme Textiles. These durable, flexible and lightweight fabrics have been developed to be utilized in industrial, commercial, motorcycle gear and military applications around the globe. No other material offers such value, performance and versatility – simultaneously.  At Slatin MotoGear, we bring that safety and value to you at low, Factory-Direct Prices.

Technology Behind SuperFabric®

SuperFabric® technology takes a fabric and overlays it with tiny, ceramic armor plates (“guard plates”) in a specific arrangement. The gaps between guard plates allow complete flexibility. The geometry, thickness, and size of the guard plates, as well as the fabric and color can be varied depending on the desired attributes. SuperFabric® is designed to deliver a range of performance features such as stain resistance, quick drying, weight reduction and more.

SuperFabric® Engineering Diagram
SuperFabric® Flexibility
Because of SuperFabric®’s unique technology, it is locally solid but globally flexible.

SuperFabric® is your best choice in motorcycle gear:

Abrasive Resistant; 15 times more than Kevlar!

Slash Resistent


Stain Resistant


Sew-on, not glued-on for secure performance.