Shipping, Refunds, & Exchange Policies

Shipping Costs

You often buy through the Internet because its easier and costs less than if you walk into an actual store.  But, it then must be shipped to you.  When an on-line seller advertises "Free Shipping;"  it's not really "free" but is included in the purchase price.   We manufacture most of our own products and one of our goals is to sell it to you for a lot less than you would pay elsewhere for something comparable.  But, we generally cannot sell items at the lowest price and give 'free shipping', also.  That would put us out of business. So, if you return a purchase to us, we will refund the purchase price for the item, but not the shipping cost.

Refunds & Exchanges

So, here's our refund policy:  you have -7- days to inspect, try-on, and test our gear. It's our thought that you will admire, appreciate, and love our products--just like nearly all of our customers.  If not, please return it to us, clean, no wears or wear-marks, with tags intact. It would be very much appreciated if you included a note for the reason you're returning the item.  If you want a refund, we will refund the purchase price to you, but not the shipping.  If you ordered the wrong size (typically, by not following our size chart), then we will glady do an exchange for a different size that you ask for and we have in inventory.  Just be certain that it is within the -7- day period and return it in the foregoing condition. But we can only give you a discount on the shipping cost (when available) of sending the replacement item to you.

Please direct returns to:

Slatin MotoGear

5200 N. MIssion Ln.

Prescott Valley, AZ  86314



Cost of SMG Gear + Shipping= Better Gear at a Better, Out-the-Door Price!

Shipping within the USA:

Shipping adds to your cost; we get that.  We generally can't do free shipping because, unlike some other online sellers, our profit margins are razor-thin. Other merchants charge more for similar items when they offer free shipping because their shipping cost may be ‘buried’ in the price.

At the time of your purchase, we charge you an average for shipping your purchase within the USA. In some cases, we may be $0.50 off, but we do our best. We select either USPS or UPS, whichever is less. We check shipping rates often, for accuracy, to keep your cost lower.

Shipping Internationally:

For those outside the USA (even Canada), shipping can be expensive from the USA to you and we understand. The average shipping time is 5-14 days and the average cost in US Dollars for up to 5 lbs. (2.26796 kilos) is about $68-$100.  

For international shipping, Australia, New Zealand, & China, we collect $95.  BUT, if its actual cost is less, we will refund that difference to you. So, please think of us as your store for high-quality motorcycle protective clothing at lower prices and we’ll help pay for shipping to you!

We are riders helping other riders stay safer.

We cut out the 'middleman' and pass the savings on to you!

Thanks for your interest,

Richard Slatin                                                                     

Slatin MotoGear