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Bulletproofing and Biker Safety     (UpDates Posted Here)
"Slatin MotoGear is developing a line of bulletproof Biker clothing, to be sold through its website at"
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With pre-production established earlier this year and with the news of successful testing, we have begun production of our first clothing garment equipped with threat resistance.  Bulletproof to a 9mm threat and slash protection  will be an option first offered in our leather Biker Vests.
Today, we were informed that our bulletproof clothing liners had passed the testing for threat resistance against 9mm ammo, the most common handgun ammunition.  The testing was performed by Oregon Ballistic Laboratories (OBL), which is an independent, full-service armor testing lab located in Salem, Oregon. Founded in 2004, OBL generates accurate and impartial test data, which is used throughout the world as a measure of quality, performance, and safety.  Slatin MotoGear will post its approval here, when received from Oregon Ballistic Laboratories (OBL).

Handgun sales exploded in 2020.


2020 will be remembered as the year of Covid-19. But, its also known for other things, too; things that directly affect Bikers and Riders.  Did you know that more Handguns sold than ever before? What that means for motorcycling is more truck and car drivers are armed, than ever before. 'Road Rage' just went up as a potentially lethal threat, as did concerns about drivers.

Gun Safety.  This term often means the safe carrying and operational use of a firearm.  Many Bikers, Riders, and Motorcyclists carry a handgun on their person or on the motorcycle. But here is where "Gun Safety" has a different meaning; the increasing one's safety against the use of a gun threat against them. Bikers and Riders can wear jackets, pants, and gloves that protect against impact and road rash, but few wear anything to protect against the threat of a gun threat. Aggressors focus on the biggest target; the torso; so that's what we focus on for protection.

What is it? Simply stated, it is a bulletproof liner, insert. it's lightweight but does its job. It's designed to offer protection against a 9mm round, that being the most common "bullet" caliber; as commonly found in a Glock handgun. You pick  and in about 30 days, you have the Vest you ordered, that comes to you with its protective liner. Refer to the test results with the link below.  

Protective Wear. Effectiveness, Concealability, Comfort, and Price.  For motorcyclists, the term "Protective Wear" just got specific. Summer heats up and Vests become an item of choice. So this year, for those who prefer wearing a Vest, we're offering one that's Bulletproof...Slashproof...and Affordable. It follows NIJ Level IIA Standards; which means its meant to protect against commonly carried handguns; 9mm, .367 Magnum, .22, .380, and .40 S & W.  Up-close knife-swipes.

Men and women have uniquely different shapes, so the vests are different. Plus, there are two inside, concealed pockets (left and right); each of which can securely hold up to a large-frame handgun. 

Concealable. The higher up a vest goes in the protection levels, the less concealable it is. That's why we focus on the threats most likely to be encountered and keep the protection concealed.


Comfort.  The higher up a vest goes in the protection levels, the heavier and bulkier it is. Ours is meant for all-day concealable wear.  Put it on before you ride and leave it on.  The protection is all in the lining.

Price. Many times, its good to look for the lowest price.  But since this is an item that can save your life, its not a time to go cheap.  Here at SMG, where we work hard to make the expensive stuff lower-priced to get items into every day Biker use, we did not cut any corners.  We just minimized the profit structure. Since we use a factory-direct business model, our prices on everything are low and stay low.

"Keeping Riders Safer."

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