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Mesh Hard Knuckle/Soft Goatskin Gloves - Slatin MotoGear Motorcycle Gear - 1

SALE!! only $39.99 Mesh Hard Knuckle/Soft Goatskin Gloves with Touchscreen Technology!

$ 39.99 

Mesh & Soft Goatskin Leather

with Touchscreen Technology

Note:  These are the really great, very popular gloves we have carried for the last two years, but with touchscreen-friendly fingertips

Enjoy the comfort of soft goatskin leather with a mesh glove! Plus, you can operate your phone without removing your gloves!

These goatskin gloves are so soft, comfortable, and perfect for your long rides!  Great fit, long-lasting, with velcro closure and scoops to bring the air in! Ride all-day long with Protection, Comfort, and Style!

REAL Customer Reviews

“Hi Richard,

I received the mesh gloves today from my order #1464 placed on July 19. The gloves are of very good quality and my initial impression is really positive. Frankly, the quality ofmanufacture & features of your gloves are much better than well-known brands such as Klim. I went on a group ride today and here's the feedback:
Here is some user post ride feedback on the Mesh Hard Knuckle/Soft 
Goatskin Gloves with Touchscreen Technology.

- High quality leather and stitching.  Goatskin is reinforced in key 
areas and is thicker (more protective) than on typical mesh gloves.

- Touchscreen on my Android phone works great with gloves on.

- Competitive price.

- Thumb is cut correctly so rider can grip handlebars without thumb 
bottoming out.

- No rough edges inside of gloves.  Leather part of gloves is nicely 
lined with fabric.

- End of fingers very smooth.

- Sizing is correct.

- Overall quality and value are much greater than so-called name brands.

- Slatin logo on clasp is a nice touch. Need I say "Go Richard"!

- Fingers could be 1/8 of an inch longer.  (I have long fingers)
Thank you, Joseph Woodruff”
Nice and light, also fit well . I think they will be great summer gloves for me, as my grips are rental ones and the leather on palm will grip well , without slippage. Nice job . Russ"  
"My new gloves showed up today in the mail. WOW, these are fantastic. They fit perfectly and I have never had a pair of gloves that didn't have fingers with too much material until now. Thank you for a glove of such great quality".
       Phillip Guckes



Medium = 9

Large = 10

Extra-Large = 11

Double Extra-Large = 12

Triple Extra-Large = 13



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