Ride like Iron Man! VIDEO Camera Maxto M3 Helmet Recorder & Bluetooth Comm System

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Ride Like Iron Man!



-For Group Rides, the Intercom connects with ANY Bluetooth Headset-

This is perfect for those who like the idea or technology of a "Jarvis" in their helmet but don’t like the $700-$2,500 Price.


  • Voice Control your music choices, calls, texts, Siri, GPS, Google Assistant
  • Records in stunning 1080p 4k video and takes still photos
  • Intercoms with ANY bluetooth headset, up to 5 riders
  • Uses your existing helmet
  • long life battery
  • can use while re-charging
  • Co$T$ HUNDREDS LESS than Sena or Cardo

(See the price comparison of the Maxto M3 to the Sena 10C Evo, below)


Like using a Dashcam for a car;

Buy it for Insurance.  Buy it for Safety

Buy it for Moto-Vblogging, and Buy it for Fun!

 The Maxto M3 $179.99

I personally shot the above video; both the R1 and the M3 shoot identically, in beautiful 1080p video and beautiful still shots as pretty and rich as this.

--Richard Slatin, Owner, Slatin MotoGear

08/22/2020.  I shot this just now, wearing the helmet, on my back patio. The spherical (rounded) view is only seen with close-up shots, as this uses a wide-angle lens. This is attained with a wide-angle lens, which is what you want to use. Both cameras/comms (the FreedConn R1 and the Maxto M3) produce this high quality image (1080p). In the 33-sec video above, the outdoor/riding shot is an actual video sample I shot last week. 


Easy one-button recording, even with gloves on. A single button turns the video on/off. This lets you save your storage space for capturing the moments that count and greatly reduces editing time. The Bluetooth communication lets you narrate your video, making this a perfect moto-vlogging tool, mixing audio from the intercom and music from your smartphone into your video Live. This easily lets you narrate and capture the moment, all but eliminating follow-up soundtrack editing.


This is a game-changing idea you can do in -3- easy steps:
  1. Easily mount the charged M3 Module to your favorite helmet.  Tool is included
  2. Easily pair M3 with your mobile phone; calls, music, GPS, you've got it all!
  3. Add Siri or Google Assistant; adjusting the settings (that's the secret we'll share with you!)
  4. Connects to EVERY Bluetooth Intercom Headset
  5. That's all there is to it!
Maxto M3 Features.
  • Bluetooth 5.0 chip, can be connected to any Bluetooth headset, can achieve full duplex communication. Longest working distance: up to 1000 meters;Standby state: 500 hours; Working state: 30 hours, can be used when charging, with high compatibility and stability.
  • Intercom with any Bluetooth headset, and support connect 2 mobile or multi-device phones at the same time, improve security and convenience. Pairing mode of the motorcycle intercom can refer to the instruction manual(Page 31-11.2).
  • Uses a SONY IMX323L wide-angle lens, 1080P HD quality, intelligent anti-shake.
  • To download your video, forget messy cables or removing the microSD card; its done by WIFI!  Just download the FREE  APP (details in manual), turn on WIFI unit, and your video automatically synchronize the phone after connecting. Support for looping video, one-click capture, important video,  You can lock in the WiFi with a simple double-click of the WIFI button.
  • (Micro SD memory card not included and you can use a maximum a 128G microSD card)

    Download Maxto M3 Instruction Manual <HERE>

      Compare the $279.99 Maxto M3 to the $399 Sena 10C Evo and you'll see that the Maxto M3 is the one for you!

      Customer Reviews.

      5.0 out of 5 stars Definitely worth it compared to competitors
      Reviewed in the United States on July 1, 2020 Verified Purchase **Update**7/25/30
      So my final review is 5 stars! If you're looking for a good quality audio and video unit this is it, especially compared to the other units that are double (if not triple) the price. The battery life on this thing is AMAZING, considering I play audio and record every time I ride.

      **Original post**
      I've had the opportunity to experience three other helmet headsets prior to trying Maxto M3. All three did not even come close to meeting my expectations for sound when riding on the highway. Maxto M3 really shined in this area, especially at speeds around 80 mph. The unit itself is very solid. It does not feel cheap. Very long battery life. The track wheel and buttons are very easy to use.
      5.0 out of 5 stars Great intercom!!!
      Reviewed in the United States on July 19, 2020
      Size: M3-Hard Mic 1PACK
      Verified Purchase
      The camera on this headset work surprisingly well. It’s a Sony hd wide angle camera so you know it’s quality. The headphones and mic where a breeze to install and play music great. Easy to connect with other Bluetooth intercoms and again, surprisingly good quality. A lot cheaper than the Sena for the same quality.
      5.0 out of 5 stars Very Underpriced
      Reviewed in the United States on July 17, 2020 Great communicator, I like the fact you can listen to music, calls, take pics, and record video. It has voice prompts for everything so you know if your recording/taking a photo, pairing, turning it off, Waking up Siri/whatever android people use, etc. The call quality while riding at highway speeds will depend on your helmet, exact speed miles, muffler, etc. However, on my ninja 300 with a loud muffler and scorpion Exo r420 helmet at 65-75 calls are great. The video quality is great at night and day. It’s also an intercom so if you ride in a group you can talk to your friends. it uses an app that allows you to a viewfinder display. It worked on MY 128 GB & 256GB memory card. I’m not certain if it supports a higher size. As for the controls they’re smooth, ergonomic, and require only one hand. The mount does seem secure so no fear of losing it. This item is under-priced and I highly recommend it.