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At SMG, Pay for the Tech, Not the Brand

When your earbuds absolutely, positively can’t fall out...


Our Favorite EarBud for On-Bike/Under Helmet

950 mAh Charging Box with Display!

Over-the-Earhook Buds. ‘Bud goes in ear, the swing hook over ear.  Best choice when riding, as you can pull a helmet on and these stay in place.  Stays in place when jogging, at the gym, even if you’re swinging on a trapeze at the circus!

Fitting. Every helmet has differs slightly in its fit to the head. These ‘Buds are most likely to fit, but I suggest you first try these off-bike for 5-30 minutes for comfort, as well as fit. Plus, most helmets have a way of reducing the padding where the ears end up. I suggest this is the best approach. Just be careful when taking the helmet off. Not a big deal, just pay attention. Remember, these have a no-hassle, no-risk return policy for -14- days*.  Do this right after these arrive.

Sound Quality?  Sound quality when playing music is really, really great, even without active noise cancellation. You’ll be very happy with the sound quality; it blocks out a lot of road and motor noise due to its excellent fit, but you can still hear sirens and emergency vehicles.  

Talk to Siri, Google, and Alexa.  It works with Siri, Google Assistant, and Alexa.

Comfort. Great; with or without helmet; good on-or-off bike.  So featherweight, you’ll forget you’re wearing it!

Batteries and Charge display. A really nice feature is a display in the case that gives a charge status as a percentage. Plus, it’s in-case battery is huge at 950 mAh; good for multiple re-charges.

Quick Details

Function:  Bluetooth, Waterproof, Noise Cancelling, Microphone
Use:  Mobile Phone, Computer, DJ, Gaming, Sports, Audiophile, travel, cycling, motorcycling
Communication:  Wireless
Style:  In-Ear Bud with Ear-hook to hold in place. Stays securely in place when riding, during gym workouts, hiking, and just about everywhere.
Bluetooth Standard:  Bluetooth v5.0
Standard:  IPX-4
Material:  ABSe Model:  SMG-EHB1
Charging time:  1-2 Hours
Playing time:  10 H
Standby time:  120 Hours
Battery capacity:  950mAh with Charge Display
Bluetooth Version:  5.0+EDR
Chipset: PXI / Airoha / Realtek / QCC
Talking time  10 HOURS
Colors:  Black
Delivery time:  2-3 weeks
Price; USA:  $69.99     Australia:  AU$101.99
Warranty:  1 year limited to defects in materials and construction
Refund policy:  Return with -14- days of receipt if you are not satisfied for a *Purchase Price REFUND.
LEGAL STUFF: Motorcycling is not a risk-free pleasure. Be mindful of your surroundings. Passively listening to music while riding is one thing, active telephone use while riding is not a good idea and I advise against any phone use while riding.