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Starting at 12:01am, on Friday, Nov. 20th, our Pre-Black Friday Sale begins and runs to 11:59pm (same day). EVERYTHING is available (subject to inventory on-hand) with our 20% Discount! Our extra special goodies are the men's jackets and jeans in "Big Men" Sizes. Jeans: 38"x32" to 44"x32"; Winter Jackets: Sizes Med, Large, Extra-Large, 2XL, and even 3XL! SO, if you're large and looking for Large motorcycle jackets/pants, get'em here!

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I received the red lined hoodie in the mail yesterday (sending this via email as I can’t post on the site). Anyway, I had a recent bout of COVID 19 such that my faithful Cortech denim jacket (I think I got it 15 years ago) no longer fits (was a size 3XL) that the Mrs got for me years ago (was always a little big on me but now it’s way too big). I lost 20 lbs during the illness so I made that work for me!

I tried the hoodie on without the armor and then with it - the XL size actually fits me quite well (not tight but also not loose) and I am able to wear my heated vest underneath for the colder months in South Carolina. The hoodie feels nice and thick and I have no doubt will keep me warm on my ST1100 (larger faired bike). I’m really happy with it. I can’t comment on the performance on the road since it’s still warm here at present, but now I want it to cool off a bit so I can try it out. 

Very nice item and now I don’t have to source a winter riding jacket...this will be it!

Bob Franks

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I've been wearing your "Bullet-Proof" jeans on a month of rides. You have a real good winner with these. The jean material is comfortable and has a good weight to it. The kevlar lining on the butt and down the outer thighs is perfectly placed---those are the places most likely to slide, and that's real good protection. The removable armor protectors in the hip and knees is really comfortable and you can't see its even there. Oh, and its great for rides and casual wear, on and off the bike. Your prices are low and the quality is high! Thanks!

Jack Dilman