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and EXPANDABLE Tailbags

Leg Bags/Carbon Fiber EXPANDABLE Backpacks

Leg Bags in Brown/Black lets you get to phone, Sunglasses, money, and not have to get off your bike. Backpack is great when you been a places for clothes, books, tools, etc. Even a helmet fits in it!/

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"The price was too good to pass up.  The jeans are of great quality, comfortable, PLUS aramid-lining, CE protectors, and these look so good I wear these off-bike and these look just like regular jeans.  SO, here's my order for a second pair!  Many thanks, Slatin MotoGear."--Neal S.

"Look great, ride cooler and get protection?  I've worn mine a couple of months now and I am a true believer!  BTW, thanks for the great price!  Your gear really delivers!"  Mason R."My husband bought this after looking at the 'big name' brands at our local motorcycle dealer. Great fit and he loves wearing it!"--Billie J.

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